“William George – Paintings from 2005 to 2020” 

Terms like CONSTRUCTIVISM, NEO-CONSTRUCTIVISM or NEO-BAUHAUS, give a general idea of my work during the last twenty years. As I see it, art, in a wide sense, consciously or not, is an essential facet of existence, able to provide meaning, enrich awareness of different sorts, in various ways, to navigate the tide of stereotyped needs, perceptions and conducted reactions we inhabit.


Social change through art, as the early avant-garde conceived, is perhaps too much to hope for. At present, social and environmental issues are urgent, and entirely visual objects with no clear purpose, that can only be addressed by observation, refer to nothing, show nothing happening, stand for nothing but their own presence, ask for nothing but your gaze, may seem irrelevant, insolent... even radical.


Since 2005 my painting explores composition with the simplest means, reducing the number of variables to achieve results not easily defined by language, aiming to stand on their own visual merits alone.