“William George – Recent Work” indicates a brief account of my work in the decade before 2020, as I intended. Terms such as CONSTRUCTIVISM, SUPREMATISM or BAUHAUS, give some idea, without the great hopes for "social change through art" cherished by the avant-garde of the early twentieth-century .


At present, however, a visual object that can only be addressed by observing it, refers to nothing, shows nothing happening, stands for nothing but its own presence, asks for nothing but your gaze, ...might be considered radical.


Since 2003 my painting explores composition with the simplest means, reducing the variables, to achieve results not easily defined by language, able to stand on their own merits.


And yet, from 1981 to 2001, language was, for me, a key factor (symbols, letters, numbers, words, sentences). The result looked very different and also the sort of observation requested. And yet I believe an underlying attitude is traceable through all my work and that my previous stages also need to be represented.


From an early stage my work addressed the link between meaning and form, whatever these two words may mean to us.